Economic Democracy

  • State of Democracy Lecture Series "Can Democracy Cure Capitalism?"

    The Cambell Public Affairs Institute hosted Professor Wolff as part of its annual State of Democracy Lecture Series. Professor Wolff discussed Economic Democracy in the face of the current Economic Crisis.

  • Economic Update: Workers Fight Back

    Updates on big FED decisions; Yale and other rich folks; Polish, Colombian and Greek workers fight back; and taxpayers subsidize WalMart. Interview Sarah Jaffe on low paid US workers mobilizing. Response to listeners on (1) Michigan take-over of Pontiac and impact on all workers and (2) new statistics show "recovery" has only been for top 1%.

  • Media Channel Interview: Economics in Media

    Professor Wolff joins Danny Schechter to discuss the narrow coverage of economics in media, our fictional economic recovery, Occupy Wall St., and the structural problems that perpetuate a vast disparity of wealth.

    Part 1

    Part 2 

  • Economic Update: Small vs. Big Business

    Update on fast-food CEO pay, lost output from Great Recession, US healthcare overcharging explained, Treasury Secretary Paulson explains his deference to bankers, and the 1% US poorest. Major discussions on differences and conflicts between big and small businesses in capitalism and how Marxian economics differs from Neoclassical and Keynesian economics.

  • Fears of Changing Global Economy Underscore G20 Summit

    Professor Wolff joins Mike Walter on Biz Asia America to talk about the upcoming G20 summit in Russia and what can be done to spur global economic growth.

  • Economic Update: Economics and Health

    Update on intern's death in London, austerity and suicide, over-prescribing anti-depressants, cutting health benefits, and laying off mortgage workers at Wells Fargo. Major discussions of the economics of the richest 1% and their relation to the Democratic Party in the US. Continuing response to listeners on defining capitalism and Black Star workers coop (brewpub) in Austin, Texas.

  • Economic Update: Economics of Foreclosures

    Updates on Social Security, real wage decline, part-time work, political mavericks and others, subsidy for Walmart. Interview with Laura Gottesdeiner on foreclosure epidemic. Response to listeners on demographic change and economics.

    On Economic Update with Professor Richard Wolff, Wolff and guests will discuss the current state of the economy, both locally and globally in relation to the economic crisis.

  • How Much Would a Minimum-Wage Increase Help Students?

    This article originally appeared at USA Today.

    Christin King, like many college students, is worried about keeping up her grades and squeezing in extracurricular activities while holding a job.

    “I’m really stressing out,” she says. “I don’t know how I’m going to fit it all in.”

  • Economic Policy Debates: Theater of Distraction

    This article originally appeared at Truthout.

    Endless debates over austerity vs. stimulus policies agitate governments. Which is "the correct" one to escape global capitalism's ongoing crisis? The debates proceed as if official policies were key to ending crises. But the politicians' fights over policies are mostly distractions from the main events: how crises usually end themselves and their immense social costs.

  • Economic Update: Economy: Private and Public

    Updates on polls on the economy, austerity and national debts, financial transaction tax, North Carolina's people mobilize on economics, G-20 plans to tax corporations, austerity's privatization effects, and Walmart fights DC to keep minimum wage low. Major discussions on Detroit's bankruptcy and private versus public enterprises. Response to listeners on "wagemark" and on capitalism and race.

  • Democracy Now!: Detroit a "Spectacular Failure"


    Professor Wolff joins Amy Goodman to discuss President Obama's "Drop Dead" moment for Detroit.

    A transcript of this video is available at Portside.

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