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Articles covering aspects of class analysis.

Economic Update: Real vs. Fakenomics

Updates on rising health insurance costs, rebel economists, Senate costs. Response to questions on Greek crisis, falling school funding, wealth inequality in US that blocks "recovery." Interview with London economics professor John Weeks.

Economic Update: Economics of Denial

Updates on Apple Computer, French Socialism, Greek election, Vermont drops single-payer, oil and Russia, and latest NLRB rulings. Major discussions of welfare economics, meritocracy, and 5% US GDP growth without hype.

Economic Update: Signs of Deepening Inequality

Updates on successful Oregon teaching assistants’ strike, evicting the homeless, law limits unpaid internships to 4 weeks, and universities become businesses. Response to our audiences on the economics of war and military in US – “the elephant in the economy” – and on political corruption in the new budget. Major discussion of the sharp decline in most Americans’ wealth since 2007 (no recovery there either) coupled with widening wealth gaps between whites and both African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans.

Demokratisierung der Unternehmen statt Staatsinterventionismus Die Linke braucht neue Ansätze und Visionen, um erfolgreich in der gegenwärtigen Krise agieren zu können.

Traditionelle sozialistische Politik, die auf großflächigen Interventionen der Politik in die Wirtschaft beruht (durch Regulierung von Unternehmen und Märkten, Staatsbesitz und Unternehmenskontrolle, zentrale Planung etc.), findet inzwischen kaum noch Zuspruch. Wenn dies dennoch einmal der Fall zu sein scheint, wie etwa bei den letzten Präsidentschaftswahlen in Frankreich, dann begnügt sich der traditionelle Sozialismus mit magerer Rhetorik und reinem Symbolismus.

Economic Update: Capitalism's Christmas Presents

Updates on economics of oil price collapse, resumption of US-Cuba relations, lost middle class, and the economics of Uber car service. Response to questions on upsurge of union organizing and on Supreme Court anti-labor ruling. Major discussion of why both men and women in the US are leaving the labor force.

The Political Economy of Austerity Now

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Going Beyond Private Versus Public

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Economic Update: Mainstream vs Critical Economics

Updates on Mexican farm exploitation, Grenoble takes down advertising, US teachers underpaid, and cutting workers' pensions. Responses to listeners on Harvard and Yale as full participants in capitalism's defects. Analyzing modern "economics" as a discipline from Adam Smith to Karl Marx and since.

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Professor Wolff on The Real News Network: "Capitalism's Stunning Contradiction"

Professor Wolff says every capitalist tries to systematically reduce wages, then can't sell what those wage workers have produced.

Transcripts below.

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