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Articles covering aspects of class analysis.

Global Capitalism February Monthly Economic Update

Updates on major economic developments since December:  Obama's minimum wage policy, the Federal Reserve's "tapering policy" and the new Janet Yellen leadership,  slowdowns in China and the emerging markets, and Thomas Piketty's new book Capital in the 21st Century on capitalism and inequality. Major discussion of the chief causes and social effects of increasingly unequal wealth and income distributions, and the myth of returning manufacturing jobs in the US.

Οι καπιταλιστές εκμεταλλεύτηκαν στο έπακρο τις ευκαιρίες της κρίσης


Richard Wolff on Capitalism and Socialism: An Interview with C. J. Polychroniou

This article originally appeared at  

Greek version of article available in the Non-English section of

Worker Coops And a New Strategy For Labor

A talk delivered at the Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies, City University of New York

Does Capitalism Work?

Steve Lambert's artwork allows the public to engage in a conversation about Capitalism and its strengths and weaknesses.  Professor Wolff and Dr. Harriet Fraad participate in the discussion.  

RT America Interview: Corporate rule hurts the US more than shutdown

RT TV interview about how governing by crisis and brinkmanship is having a negative effect on the US economy.

Capitalism Works (or Not) for Me

This article originally appeared at Truth-out.

Curators of New York's City's annual arts festival called us a couple of months ago.  Would we be interested in having a public discussion with the artist, Steve Lamber, whose work was a major part of this year's festival?  The festival's title is "Crossing the Line 2013," and Lambert's ;arge neon-lighted installation (9 feet by 20 by 7 feet) says "Capitalism Works for Me."  Observers can respond by pressing either a "True" or "False" button.  

Economic Update: Uneven Development, Part 1

Updates on world wealth distribution, Swiss referenda to reduce economic inequality, and capitalism vs democracy. Major discussions on uneven development’s impact on migration and on critique of national debt as matter of “a selfish generation” or “living beyond our means.”

Richard Wolff on The Campbell Conversations

Professor Wolff joins Grant Reeher on The Campbell Conversations and argues that our economic recovery has so far been a “fiction,” unless you’re in the top one percent, and he further claims that this problem reflects something much more fundamentally wrong with our modern system of capitalism.  He finds a solution to the problem in a reconsideration of the way we govern the workplace.

State of Democracy Lecture Series "Can Democracy Cure Capitalism?"

The Cambell Public Affairs Institute hosted Professor Wolff as part of its annual State of Democracy Lecture Series. Professor Wolff discussed Economic Democracy in the face of the current Economic Crisis.

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