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Articles covering aspects of class analysis.

Economic Update: Big vs Small Business

Updates on Japan's Recession, half of New York City economically in trouble, ACA deductibles undermine affordability, Million student March, another crooked capitalist. Response to listeners on private vs public enterprises. Major topics: small vs big business and big ideas not being discussed in campaigns.


Professor Richard Wolff appeared at a fundraiser for KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston.  He gives a compelling speech on what ails America and provides solutions. The second video is a Q&A session with the attendees.

Economic Update: Economic Power Struggles

Updates on Greek and Portuguese austerity struggles, obesity and Coca Cola, importance of U of Missouri, JC Penney's fake sales, and Macy's urgent sales. Response to listeners on politics, economics of TPP. Major discussions of (1) upcoming FED decision on interest rates and (2) economic causes of gentrified US cities.   

Global Capitalism: November 2015 Monthly Economic Update

“Immigration, Unaffordable Cities, and Bernie's 'Democratic Socialism'”

Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum, and Judson Memorial Church

These programs begin with 30 minutes of short updates on important economic events of the last month. Then Wolff analyzes several major economic issues. For November 11th, these will include:

Economic Update: How Capitalism Works

 Updates on capitalism vs higher education, real costs of apps, how other half banks. In depth analyses of projected economic downturn in 2016, capitalist inequality and housing changes, and how capitalism affects sports.


Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies presents the World Issues Forum

with Richard Wolff for:

Economic Update: Teaching High School Economics

Today's episode includes updates on Obama harshness re student debt, how much corps and rich abuse tax havens, MIT rejects fossil-fuel divestment, profit over safety at tylenol company. Prof. Wolff responds to listener on where US economy headed now. Interview life-long high school teacher Alan Schulman on teaching economics after the 2008 crisis: problems and prospects.

Prof. Wolff on The Street: Bernie Sanders' Brand of Socialism -- More Karl Marx or FDR?

This article originally appeared at

By now, everyone knows that Bernie Sanders calls himself a democratic socialist. What's not nearly as clear is what that actually means.

For voters who lived through the Cold War, the term "socialist" is loaded with baggage, dating to the assassination of the Russian tsar and his family in the early 20th century and Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev's 1960s standoff with President John F. Kennedy over missiles in Cuba.

Professor Richard D. Wolff - a costura do New Deal (português)

Trecho da análise mensal feita pelo Professor Richard D. Wolff - Global Capitalism: Monthly Update - October 2015. Mensalmente, desde Nova York, o Professor faz uma análise conjuntural da economia estadunidense e global. Essas análises estão disponíveis em inglês sem legendas, na íntegra, no canal Neste trecho, Prof.

Economic Update: Capitalism vs Democratic Socialism

Updates on monster merger in beer, buying the US presidency, homeless in Hawaii, Canada's election results. Response to listener's question on relation of individualism to capitalism and socialism. Major discussion of history of socialism vs. capitalism with focus on specific place of democratic socialism.

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