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Articles covering aspects of class analysis.

Prof. Wolff and Cornel West talk about Capitalism and White Supremacy on GRITtv

A conversation about capitalism with two brilliant minds, Cornel West and  Prof. Wolff, together in a rare joint appearance. 

Economic Update: Capitalism's Endless Costs

Updates on Coke vs Pepsi war, price gouging on cancer drugs, Corwyn good for UK Labor Party, and new Pope's strong anti-capitalist speeches. We respond to listeners' questions on guaranteed basic income and on why public employees are not an economic negative. Major attention is given to supporting countries that refuse to pay certain govt debts and especially to Greece in a review of is dramatic recent struggles.

Prof. Wolff on Community Progressive Radio

Prof. Wolff talk about Greece and explains why the furor over a secret contingency plan to leave the Euro and go back to a Greek currency is misplaced and inappropriate on CPRmetro radio. 

Global Capitalism: July 2015 Monthly Economic Update

“Winners and Losers in Today's Shifting Capitalism”

What do Angela Merkel and Mitt Romney have in common?

This article originally appeared at AlJazeera America

In May 2012, when Mitt Romney was campaigning for president, he made a statement that summed up his economic views — and came to define his run for office:

Economic Update: Capitalism and its Others

Today's program focuses on two alternatives to capitalism. The first is an alternative to how capitalism organizes enterprises in terms of their internal workings and relationships. We examine workers self-directed enterprises: how they work and how they compare to capitalist enterprises. In the program's second half we look at an alternative to how capitalism organizes the economy as a whole: the socialist tradition that has evolved multiple different forms in the world today.

Prof. Wolff discusses Greece and European Union on CPR

Prof. Wolff talks to Community Public Radio's Don DeBar about Greece and the European Union.

Prof. Wolff: On Bernie Sanders and Socialism | #GRITtv

Prof. Wolff joins GRITtv's Laura Flanders to talk about Sanders and Socialism. Is socialism still an American taboo? 

Prof. Wolff on KPFA's Letters and Politics: "Greece strikes a debt deal"

Prof. Wolff talks to KPFA's Letters and Politics Mitch Jesserich about Greece's debt deal.

Yale journal "Margins" interviews Prof. Wolff


Adrian Lo, Emaline Kelso, Richard Wolff, Scott Remer, Spring 2015

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